About Our Team



For me, New Orleans has always felt like home. The sounds, the smells, the texture of the place wraps me up as soon as I arrive. I still tear up every time I leave. In 2017, I decided to embrace life for a bit and rented a 3rd floor walk-up apartment on the corner of Royal and St. Peter in the Quarter. It was magical and life-changing. The bells of the St. Louis Cathedral started my day, and I fell asleep listening to boisterous bachelorette parties down on the street. My tradition now whenever I visit is to play "New Orleans" by Parachute as I drive into town. "She swears it's in the air, you just have to believe. Yes, she comes alive down in New Orleans."

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Director of Marketing

One of my absolute favorite things about New Orleans is the music. I could sit on a patio sipping a Sazerac and soaking in the beautiful sounds of the city all day. I remember my first time in New Orleans. I was staying at Lindsay's apartment on Royal Street, and I woke up at the crack of dawn to French horns and trombones. I felt such joy and was ready for a day of fun and friends. I thank the music. While there, my favorite dish is crawfish etouffee! Although, if I had to choose a dish that I would wait hours for, it would be the Gruyere sandwich at St. James Cheese Company.


Director of Strategy

I love the magic of New Orleans: the healing, invigorating, inspiring constant motion of the most unique place that has ever captured my heart. And nothing beats a Bloody Mary from Ruby Slipper Café (extra green beans and three olives, "the Amy Way"). My favorite thing to do while there is to listen to live music and people-watch, both prime activities in Nola!

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