"Smell first... taste after." Crafted by BiteSize.NOLA to smell great and taste amazing, these pecans are made from ony the best raw organic nuts.


Traditional Candied Pecans: these classic candied pecans are roasted to perfection with BiteSize.NOLA's mixture of sugar, cinnamon spice, and everything nice.


Maple Bacon Candied Pecans: to take savory candied pecans a step further, BiteSize.NOLA added a twist by combining a savory bacon flavor with maple-smoking aromas!


Espresso Bean Candied Pecans: the perfect early morning snack to start your work day; made with true coffee beans, this is a caffeine dream.


Pandanilla Candied Pecans: one of BiteSize.NOLA's signature flavors, pandan* and vanilla are combined to create an amazing balance between coconut-like flavors with the familiar vanilla taste. *Pandan is an Asian herb, full of delicious aromas, that is used in many Southeastern Asian desserts!


Ube Candied Pecans: another BiteSize.NOLA signature flavor, ube* is a Filipino sweet potato that is predoninantly made in desserts. Ube baybey! *Ube (ooh-beh) is a dessert potato like no other. There is no comparison on how ube tastes as a dessert other than yummm.


S3 Candied Pecans: the name says it all- savory, spicy, sweet.


*All products contain nuts, egg products, salt, and sugar; all items are gluten-free! 


Maker: BiteSize.NOLA


*June 2021 Box Item*

Candied Pecans by BiteSize.NOLA