Channel your intentions + clear your mind & space of all negative energies. Smudge with these herbs and plants, harvested from Southern Rhoades' organic garden in Bywater, New Orleans, Louisiana. 


To Use:  Light the end of smudge stick and allow to smolder for a few seconds.  Burn responsibly.  Never leave lit smudge stick unattended.  Always use an ashtray/fire-safe vessel to catch embers.  


Ingredients:  Homegrown cypress, cedar, lavender, rose petals, rosemary, and sage.  Tied with 100% organic hemp twine.


One Tree Planted: YES, Southern Rhoades donates $1 to the One Tree Planted project, a 501c3 focused on global reforestation.  $1 = 1 Tree!  Thanks for helping mother earth.  Learn more or add more $1 trees to your order here.


Maker: Southern Rhoades


*June 2021 Nola Leigh Box Item*

Smudge Stick by Southern Rhoades

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